The NSW 16ft Skiff Association has released the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for its 2017/18 season interclub events.

Click Here for NSW 16ft Skiff Association Sailing Instructions for 2017/18
Click Here for NSW 16ft Skiff Association Notice of Race for 2017/18;
Click Here for NSW 16ft Skiff Registration Form for 2017/18;
Click Here for NSW 16ft Skiff Interclub Regatta Entry Form for 2017/18;
Click Here for NSW 16ft Skiff State Championship Youth Division Entry Form for 2017/18

Please note that "Class Design Rules" has been renamed "Class Rules of the Australian 16ft Skiff".

Rule 10.5 has been updated to read - The head of the mainsail shall not be greater than 90 degrees off the luff of the mainsail. The reason for this update was to clarify the intention of the class rule.

This document is under the heading: About 16's / Rules of 16ft Skiff Sailing

A specification committee has been formed to address requests or queries regarding the introduction of a new design feature or material that may not comply with the 16ft Skiff Sailing Rules, also reviewing new and innovative ideas regarding the 16ft Skiff class.

Each club was asked to nominate a member for this committee, six clubs are represented.

All requests will be forwarded to the committee members for review, please note that no member of the Spec Committee can make a ruling individually. All correspondence must be submitted to the ASSA Secretary, for distribution. The committee will be facilitated by the Australian 16ft Skiff President or an ASSA executive committee member.


On the 7th May 2016 the Belmont 16ft Skiff club generously donated money to the Tour De Cure, a tier 1 cancer charity that raises money to fund cancer projects including research, support and prevention.

The Tour De Cure "Signature Tour" is a cycling event where riders cycle from Brisbane to Sydney over a 10-day period.

Follow the below link to see photos of the TDC at Belmont.

For more information about the Tour De Cure please go to: